Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Early Signs Of Dog Pregnancy

There are some definite signs during early period of pregnancy that indicate towards a dog being impregnated. These signs include unusual increase or decrease in appetite, lack of activity, nipple growth, weight gain, and changes in behavior like increased affection or detachment.

2. Late Term Signs

The dog pregnancy symptoms will become much more pronounced in the later stages of pregnancy. There will be a considerable growth in abdomen size. Last weeks before delivery are indicated by increased movement of unborn puppies and leakage of breast milk.

3. Symptoms Close To Delivery

Generally some 20 to 30 hours before the delivery, the dog will become very restless and will try to prepare the area where it intends to deliver by scrunching up carpets or newspapers. You may suffer some household damage as she may scrunch up your bed or some cushion. Also, its temperature will drop by 3 to 4 degrees to 97-99 Fahrenheit. This drop of temperature will occur at most 24 hours before delivery.

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant For?

Dog Heat Cycles

Non-spayed female dogs will undergo heat cycles twice a year. It depends on their breed that at what age and for how long the cycles will occur.

Pregnancy in the dog (all breeds) lasts about 2 months: 60-64 days.

How to get a dog pregnant?

A popular misconception that has to be cleared is that a man cannot get a god pregnant. If you wish to breed your bitch, you can consider the following guidelines:

Firstly arrange a medical checkup of your bitch so as to ensure she is healthy and sound.
Select a stud dog for breeding and converse in advance with the owner about your wishes. Try to see the reports of a current brucellosis test for the stud dog, and in case there is no usable record, persuade the stud dog owner to conduct one.

When the heat cycle starts, contact the owner of the stud dog and make the necessary arrangement. If it’s the first breeding of your bitch, consult a vet so as to know the most suitable time to take your bitch for mating.
Your bitch will remain with the stud dog for a week or so.
When mating is done, you should perform the paperwork, which include signing an agreement with the possessor of the stud dog, the genealogy of the stud dog, reports assuring healthy condition of the stud dog and the breeding date.