Two simple commands that may save the life of your puppy

save the life of your puppy
If you not the kind of dog own that spends much time training your pet puppy, it’s ok. Quite alot of dog owners do not have time for training. That said, there are two simple commands that will take only a moment to execute and may even save the life of your puppy.

Training your puppy to “leave” or “drop” can prevent them from having a nasty accident with poison, food that is going off or even a sharp object.


While your puppy is leashed, walk with them by an item that may be tempting to them, for example a toy, or food they enjoy. As soon as your puppy makes an attempt to take the object, tug the lead and say the command “Leave”

Remember to praise you puppy for being good and understanding the command, you can even reward them with a treat. Don’t forget to repeat the training while at home too.

Another fantastic method that you will find useful is to use the closed fist method. Holding some food in your fist while it is closed, allow your puppy to come and take a sniff of your fist. Say “Leave” while keeping your fist closed. As soon as the puppy stops sniffing your hand, give them a pat and reward them with the treat.

You should continue working with your puppy in this manner until they remember it every time.


When your puppy takes a object they shouldn’t simply say “drop” and walk up to your puppy.

If the puppy refuses to release the object then offer it a bribe! Maybe something more enticing than the object they picked up would be good. As soon as they drop it, give them a pat. You have already rewarded them.

Do not chase the puppy if they run away, they will think your playing games with them. Instead grab your self a treat, something that the pup likes too.

Take your puppy somewhere safe and pretend to eat the treat. Call your puppy and once again give the command to “drop” and trade the item. Once the trade is complete then do not forget to praise them!

These two commands can be lifesavers so ensure that you teach them early.